Clubbers Campout #WintAway like no other event, offers companies the opportunity to interact with our audience and gain a deep emotional connection with their brand. At Clubbers Glampout #WintAway, our dear clubbers  are there to listen to great talents with the best Cape Town Djs / Comedians, explore the grounds of this brand new, safe & secured "Winter venue", learn new things from interacting with people from different backgrounds and tastes, share good times with friends, and more importantly: create and build long lasting memories.

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Being a Clubbers Campout sponsor is not just about money, brand presence or a logo on a stage— it is about enhancing the overall Clubbers fan and Clubbers Campout experience in a unique way. When your brand integrates itself into Clubbers Glampout #WintAway in an authentic way, your brand becomes a memorable part of the event and enters the hearts and minds of our fifteen thousand fans.

We have used creativity and time to come up with a unique and valuable Clubbers Glampout #WintAway sponsorship opportunities for potential partners and thanks to nowadays web-analytical tools we are proud to dig deep into our event data enabling us to present the value added in working with Clubbers Campout.

As the Clubbers Campout organising team, we can leverage this incredible opportunity for emotional brand connection and wider audience reach when we approach you as a sponsor. We are not only looking at defraying costs, but also looking at adding to the excitement and the uniqueness of Clubbers Glampout #WintAway.

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Data-driven sponsorship - Jan 2017


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